All prices exclude shipping costs and customs/import taxes.
To provide an order of magnitude, shipping to Switzerland and import taxes added roughly 150 CHF to the bill.

Item Details Vendor Amount Price
Electronic components for freetserv PCBs csv file (BOM) 1K Digi-Key® 4 ≈ 290 USD
Item SKU # (1 PCB) # (4 PCBs) Total
FTDI FT4232HL-REEL768-1026-1-ND312103.92 USD
Texas Instruments MAX3232ECPWR296-19263-1-ND124878.62 USD
Stewart Connector SS73100-046F380-1225-ND1441.08 USD
Texas Instruments TUSB2046BVFTUSB2046BVF1412.84 USD
Samsung CL21B104KBCNNNC1276-1003-1-ND953808.36 USD
Texas Instruments SN65220DBVR296-9694-1-ND287.04 USD
Abracon ASFL1-12.000MHZ-EK-T535-9253-1-ND145.36 USD
Microchip MCP16311-E/MSMCP16311-E/MS-ND145.28 USD
Würth Elektronik 613004143121732-2863-ND144.04 USD
Hirose ZX62-B-5PA(11)H11634CT-ND143.84 USD
Samsung CL21B475KPFNNNE1276-2972-1-ND6243.26 USD
Murata BLM21PG331SN1D490-5988-1-ND6242.47 USD
TDK C2012X7R1A335K125AC445-7589-1-ND3122.40 USD
Taiyo Yuden NR6012T150ME587-2624-1-ND142.16 USD
Murata GRM21BR71A106MA73L490-10517-1-ND4162.03 USD
Würth Elektronik 61300411021732-5337-ND141.40 USD
Abracon ABLS-6.000MHZ-B4-T535-10208-1-ND141.40 USD
Yageo RC0805JR-071K5L311-1.5KARCT-ND280.80 USD
Johanson 500R15N180JV4T709-1171-1-ND280.80 USD
Yageo RC0805JR-0727RL311-27ARCT-ND280.80 USD
Panasonic EXB-V4V270JVY2270CT-ND140.68 USD
Yageo RC0805JR-0710KL311-10KARCT-ND140.40 USD
Yageo RC0805FR-0731K6L311-31.6KCRCT-ND140.40 USD
Yageo CC0805KKX7R7BB105311-1365-1-ND140.40 USD
Yageo RC0805JR-0722KL311-22KARCT-ND140.40 USD
Electronic components for a freetserv build csv file (BOM) 1K Digi-Key® 1 ≈ 85 USD
Item SKU # Total
Delta PJ-5V15WCNA1145-1061-ND118.10 USD
Delta AFB0305HA-A603-1270-ND112.08 USD
Delta 03GEEG3E603-1153-ND16.61 USD
APM Hexseal RM3X4MM 2701335-1150-ND155.76 USD
TE Connectivity / Raychem 1266673001A119543-ND55.75 USD
Qualtek 380007-01Q414-ND15.42 USD
TE Connectivity / Raychem 55A0111-22-955A0111-22-9-01-ND104.68 USD
CNC Tech 102-1392-BL-000501175-1694-ND14.17 USD
Alpha Wire F221B1/4 BK100A116B-4-ND11.15 USD
Building Fasteners MFWZ 003H767-ND1003.60 USD
SunLED XLM2DG169W1497-1017-ND33.06 USD
Sullins PPPC202LFBN-RCS7123-ND12.84 USD
Keystone 2930036-29300-ND51.85 USD
TE Connectivity / AMP 3-644563-2A31127-ND51.30 USD
Keystone 2931636-29316-ND83.44 USD
TE Connectivity 2-520183-2A27817CT-ND41.08 USD
JST SVH-41T-P1.1455-1319-1-ND70.84 USD
TE Connectivity 640456-2A1921-ND50.60 USD
Yageo CFR-50JB-52-3K33.3KH-ND50.50 USD
Keystone 470836-4708-ND81.12 USD
JST VHR-5N455-1186-ND20.38 USD
TE Connectivity / AMP 2178506-3A119654-ND10.10 USD
Tools for a freetserv build csv file (BOM) 1K Digi-Key® 1 ≈ 86 USD
Item SKU # Total
Molex 0638111000WM9999-ND155.08 USD
TE Connectivity 59803-1A9982-ND130.16 USD
Aluminum 1U rack-mountable case fpd files 2K Schaeffer AG 1 237.59 EUR

You’ll need to order the following parts in addition to the fpd files:

  • 2 × GLGP1011 Seitenprofil 1, natur eloxiert, Länge: 170,0 mm
  • 2 × GGMS1102 Montageset ISP/B3,0-ZI DIN 7982, weiß verzinkt (one for the side profiles, one for the housing brackets)
  • 1 × GGWS0111 Gehäusewinkel (4 Stück), natur eloxiert
Raspberry Pi 2 Model B V1.1 article digitec 1 46.60 CHF
Sandisk Ultra microSDHC (16GB, Class 10) article digitec 1 12.20 CHF
freetserv PCBs (without stencil) gerber files 230K
order form
smart-prototyping 10 11.90 USD
freetserv LED PCB gerber files 40K
order form
smart-prototyping 5 8.50 USD
0.3m flat ribbon patch cord (UTP CAT6) article Lindy 1 1 USD
  ≈ 483 USD
+ 237.59 EUR
+ 58.8 CHF


In case you don’t happen to have a box full of Cisco console cables lying around, you’ll need to buy some in order to connect your freetserv with all the computers in your rack. Note that the crimp tool and connectors are used to adjust the length of the cables. You can skip this step if you don’t mind the resulting Kabelsalat.

Item Details Vendor Amount Price
Cisco RJ-45-to-DB-9 Terminal Adapter (40×1.5m, 10×3m) article Aliexpress 50 154 USD
RJ45 Crimp Tool article Lindy 1 19 USD
RJ45 Male Connector (8 Pin UTP CAT5e) article Lindy 50 10 USD